Cut-outs at the entries to invisible worlds reached by an altered state of mind.

Intoxication for the better:

One should always be drunk.
That’s all that matters;
that’s our one imperative need.
So as not to feel Time’s horrible burden
one which breaks your shoulders and bows you down
you must get drunk without cease.
Charles Baudelaire’, Get Drunk (Enivrez-vous)

They are real, they are monumental and not there.
(Kolkata 2017)


“Dark tourism in general, and particularly tourism in the wake of a catastrophic event like the disaster at Chernobyl, might already be perceived as treading the thin line between investigation and voyeurism; but to rewrite the past in this way, for outsiders to come in and mask the truth beneath their own manufactured scenes, retelling the victims’ stories in whatever way they felt would make a better picture: at times, I found it positively distasteful.”

Imagining mobilization.
Live Thanatopis pilgrimage.
A presentation and collection of souvenirs or
ethnographic objects imitating desires and a pose.
Reality is deeply imagined, imagination is real.

Let this never happen again.
(Aarhus 2016)



Hurt Harmony

Applied injured wounds in the shape of Kyrgyzstan ancient signs on trees and body at the Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan.

Striving for harmony, the signs are encapsulating the power of nature to make blessings and needed threats come alive in order to reach the state of harmony.

(Kyrgyzstan 2016)



Still life video documenting the process of a deer being butchered accompanied with scenes from the Danish silent film The Lion Hunt from 1907*. A film showing two amateur hunters, killing a lion in an exotic staged scenario on the small Danish island, Elleore.

While cutting, rinsing and breaking down the deer, the radio is sending the latest news from the terror attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the 7 th of January 2015. A manhunt is going on to find the guilty ones by the use of privilege to do violence in the name of victory, trophies and the pleasure for meat (vuluptas carnis).
(Denmark 2015)

* The Lion Hunt (Løvejagten), silent film, 1907, Denmark. Directed and produced by Ole Olsen and Viggo Larsen, Nordic Film.



A study into the way traditions are formed and reformed in the present and a study into the awareness a

nd use of traditions with its crossing references. Officially and unofficially.

The exhibition investigates 3 official Observances (Celebration Days) as ceremonial manifestations that create narratives of a nation, culture and identity.

Officially, a large list of both international and national Observances exists; some quite preserved and popularized in memory, others not recognized – or seem to appear unnecessary or even absurd.

What is their relevance today and what interests are being celebrated? How do they maintain a continuity in the perspective of the contrast between the constant change and innovation of the modern world and the attempt to structure at least some parts of social life within it as unchanging and invariant?
[St. Petersburg, Russia 2015]











Un Organisme Différent

A study of frontier spaces between different bodies and ways of contact.
(Togo, Benin, Burkina Fasa, Ivory Coast 2012)


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Reportage at partner organisations of Orphelins Sida International, Paris 2012.

(Action Solidaire pour un Déve-loppement En tretenu à la Base)
Lomé, Togo

ONG Centre SAS
(Le Centre Solidarité Action Sociale)
Bouaké, Ivory Coast

(Association des jeunes pour la promotion des orphelins)
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

ONG Action Sociale
Porto-Novo, Benin